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by tetsu95jp | 2008-02-14 09:33 | 24.From MB to SK
Over 30,000 km it was Canada everywhere (61)
On the way just before Winnipeg, simple but odd houses for being appeared among wild along the highway caught my eyes. At first I wondered if it is a First Nations. However, at the entrance of the premise was shown as 'Paradise Village.' They prohibited outsiders in it; no one, however, was to be seen but only same shaped houses lined up lonelily under the cloudy weather. Many of the houses seemed vacant; a mystery invited another mystery. Finally, I came across a moving dealer carrying stuff from a small truck to one of the houses.
"Excuse me, but what is this village? What are these houses for?" The bared man flatly said, "This residential place is for retired people. A developer constructed recently. It's close to Winnipeg, but the price is pretty cheap." "Is this ordinary thing for Canadian people to reside such a place after retirement?" "It's a new attempt, but many old people who spent a life in cities should want such a quiet life." What I felt hearing this was loneliness, only loneliness. If I was asked, I wouldn't want to live in such a dreary town; for me the back of line-upped houses looked like coffins.
When I arrived in Winnipeg, it was already night and cold enough as breathes turning white on the streets. Strolling around in my car, though, people were moving about in a cold wind by twos and threes every old streets, which looked very Winnipeg and I loved. In a shabby grocery store and gas station, people were lining up before the counter. Buying cheap food for supper, I felt the warmth of the people and the town. People of Winnipeg seemed to be exchanging kindness each other bearing the cold temperature each other.
Off the Trans-Canada Highway and across Riding Mountain National Park where used to have a German incarcerate camp, I got to a historical farm land which hold Ukrainian churches and row of standard country grain elevators. As I had a lunch at the only restaurant in Inglis, the owner family was those who just returned from Vancouver to the wife's home. Having asked why the group customers who were eating lunch were dressed up, the landlord replied they went a church this morning; I remembered it's Sunday today. That was the atmosphere city dwellers lost.
It was a small restaurant, but I stole a snapshot after washroom. A man noticed it. As I was checking out, he questioned me closely about my taking the picture. He requested me to send the photo to the local newspaper in his town along with the introduction of the new owner from Vancouver. I replied I wasn't sure if I got a photo well. Then, he asked me to visit his village, Roblin, also. I replied that I ate breakfast this morning there; behind the restaurant standing on frozen soil, I took pictures of the sky gradually getting bright. I remembered a man asking me if I was shooting on a vapour trail in a distance. I wondered why a resident didn't realise the delicate beauty of the sky; maybe living there had them dull for it.
In the same way maybe, I was getting bored with the landscapes of Canada then. Either way the scene was similar to each other, since wherever I went it was Canada. However, the expression of sky was very varied from place to place. Cirrus, cumulus, nimbus, stratus, etc., with dramatic lights, I sometimes couldn't tell if was focusing on the objects on earth or sky itself.


by tetsu95jp | 2008-02-13 06:53 | 24.From MB to SK