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Over 30,000 km it was Canada everywhere (70)

by tetsu95jp | 2008-02-25 07:57 | 26.Southern AB
Over 30,000 km it was Canada everywhere (69)
I then followed the way Gerald, the guy I met at the first stage, told me. Even though I came near his town, I hesitated to and didn't phone him because I remembered that he wanted me to call him one week prior to the arrival and I thought making appointment well in advance is common sense for them. What he told me was that the old coal mining towns in the southwestern end of Alberta. Those were as if forgot places. The mobile mining people's remains were not to be seen, instead newly people were re-constructing old buildings for tourism business.
Soon, a lined-up windmills appeared on a ridge line of Rocky Mountain foothill; here was another site generating wind energy than Prince Edward Island. Further going down south, I reached Waterton Lakes National Park in which the accommodations and restaurants intended on the riches. On the returning night high way to Pincher Creek, however, enormous number of Deer or something welcomed me on and off the road ahead my head lamp. I couldn't tell Deer from Elk yet. The town lights in complete and absolute darkness of the wild can't be compered with anything; having seen that of Pincher Creek after a long day, I wanted to embrace it.
I visited the Museum of the North-West Mounted Police at Fort Macleod near Pincher Creek. I learnt there the purpose for establishing the NWMP (the predecessor of RCMP) was to bring order preventing smuggled whiskies from the US to the Indians who was so addicted; their alcohol addiction was such extent as forgetting work for themselves that not only among them but also European settlers suffered disordered circumstances. However, after succeeding in guarding Indians and European settlers from smuggling, RCMP didn't care about First Nations at all where the mess remains under the still continuing alcohol addictions and less education system.
At Blood Indian Reserve near Fort Macleod, an old guy witnessed that the opposite bank of Waterton River used to be also their reserve but RCMP deprived them of it by force. "Why? You don't have the documents of the Treaty as the evidence of your territory, do you?" "No, we don't. Ours is oral culture so we don't leave promises in records. But we are filing a suit against federal government at the International Court of Justice. For us, Canada is still foreign country." Covering up a scandal shouldn't go with this information age.


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Over 30,000 km it was Canada everywhere (68)

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Over 30,000 km it was Canada everywhere (67)
It was the beginning of November, and roads began to freeze here and there. Before entering Calgary, it snowed a lot over a night. Asking if I need chains, a young front-desk lady of my motel replied, "No." It hasn't accumulated so much and chains doesn't work for frozen surfaces; only I needed was to drive slowly. Even young guys seemed to know how to drive in snow well.
From Maple Creek, the southwest of Saskatchewan, I became to see Cowboys with hats on frequently in towns. Southwestern Alberta were claiming the "Cowboy Trail." In Calgary, I saw a lot of souvenir shops display cowboy hats and what not. However, I wondered if it was the original culture of Canada: even when it was not Canadian original like the cowboys were just the same as the Wild West of the USA, people here somehow insisted that it is a Canadian culture.
When I was taking pictures in Calgary, a dirty young vagabond told me it was a Salvation Army place and asked me to take a picture of him also. He asserted, "We are different from the United States! Why the USA call it America? America is not the United States." Even such a poor man insists on the originality of Canada; I admit that they try to be unique but not, for having no roots on this continent. As I focused on at night a nearby historical old hotel, which was rather conspicuous among new buildings of Calgary, a drugged boy and girl found me from a distance and rushed at me saying, "You cannot take pictures! Give me money! Give me money!" You want money all right, but I want justice. Do you sell justice for money?


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