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A Man Goes to North
Tetsuya Endo


Devote To My Father and Mother

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A Man Goes to North

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A Man Goes to North

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A Man Goes to North

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Preface to "A Man Goes to North" 序文
It used to be very common for Japanese people to stay and live up within the soil but has been just changing recently, I think. Not only so-called Second Life generations but many men and women are trying to replace their life abroad. Maybe I myself is one of the first comers and am hoping to contribute to the later comers' challenges by showing how I made my way as ex-patrial and what my failures so far were. Also, by exposing how I became span out of the Japanese society and by throwing an outsider's set of eyes to Japan I am hoping to sacrifice myself for the people to grasp what ever the problems there are and find any hints for better directions. Thus, I will open to the public a photos & nonfiction work for travelling and living in Canada where I tried to immigrate first. The title is "A Man Goes to North." What I wrote in it was too vivid in the characters' memory when described in 2005, but as a time went by it should become seen more objectively by them now. The names of the persons and so on are all real ones and written matters are nothing but facts and truth. They may sue me for their names, though I won't put anonymous for wishing the later comers not to repeat the same mistakes as me. I welcome any offers to publish a book for this work from any nations for my first aim of leaving Japan was to do such a business. Yes, I want a publisher to sell it on market! I believe that upon accomplishing it could be a MUST PHOTO-ESSAY FOR IMMIGRANTS not only for Canada but for the worldwide for taken pictures and written by a 'refugee' of a developed country of Far East. On the web the work is to be serialised by day by day basis in exciteblog: Starting with the introduction now, main topics will be started in November, 2007. I planned to finish putting in about 2 months, and then will open to the public another short photos & essay work, in which I shockingly confess why I turned to leave the country (it was made before leaving).

長らく日本人は日本の国土にとどまり暮らすのが普通だったが、近年少し状況は変わりつつあると思う。セカンドライフ世代だけでなく海外に生活の場を移そうとする人々は多い。私なぞはハシリにあたるのかも知れないが、その生き様を見せることで後から来る人の役に立てればよいと思っている。また、日本からはみだしてしまった姿を見せ、文字通りアウトサイダーからの視点を投じることで、わが国において問題解決へのヒントとよい方向づけの捨て石になることを願っている。そういうわけで、最初の移住目的地であったカナダでの旅と生活を写真と英文で綴ったノンフィクションを、私はいま公開しようと思う。「A Man Goes to North」。2005年執筆時には生々しすぎた内容も時が経っていま冷静に見つめることができると思う。人名その他はすべて実名でまぎれもない真実である。関係者からは訴えられる恐れもあるが、私は被害者だし後から来る人に同じ轍は踏んで欲しくないのでそのまま記載する。私はもともとこういうことをやりたくて日本を飛び出したので、日本、海外を問わず出版の話は歓迎する。出版社超募集中である。極東の先進国の“難民”が撮り記した移民記として、万国問わず移民志望者必読の書となると信じている。ウェブ公開はエキサイトブログで連載の形をとらせていただく。いまイントロをはじめたところで、本編は11月開始予定。2ヵ月位で終了を予定しているが、その後は、順番が逆になるが、私が日本を去るに至った衝撃の告白を同じく写真と英文で綴った小品をお贈りする予定だ。
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