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"Hometowns should be thought of from a far, while singing a sad tune." (Saisei Murou; translated by William I Eliott and Katsumasa Nishihara) : Why did I, Tetsuya Endo, leave Japan? I confessed in English and photographs in 2004, and I will open it to the public on web now:  Welcome any offers to publish a book.

March, 2001, at home in Shizuoka Prefecture.

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A long good-bye for a nicest people, Canada (4)

The End

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A long good-bye for a nicest people, Canada (3)
The following morning, I found tony had emailed me. It says that because he has a very early-morning shift after my arrival time he wouldn't pick me up. When I met Tony, at first he looked avoiding speaking to me busily talking on his cellphone. And then, he apologised me that he mistook the day of my arrival as tonight. However, as opposed to what he mentioned in his email, the next day he didn't get up early for his shift.
For several days whenever I met him in the apartment, he was always using his cellphone busily. However, at last he accosted me to report about the travels each other. He confessed that his trip to Beijing was to meet a girl and her family, who were introduced to him for his marriage. It was totally different from what he said previously. He said that since before the travel they exchanged their photos and had correspondence. He looked very happy. I just couldn't believe it.
Soon he requested heating and lighting expenses I used from November 2004 to January 2005. Days later, he mentioned Mr Komada and his family would move from Japan to Richmond at the end of this March. I replied, "How speedy they are!" He said, "You don't know? They bought a house on the No,4 road in Richmond." I was merely surprised, but never expected that Mr Komada used my room.
My absence home was around 8 weeks. Before my departure, Tony asked me if I want to rent my room during my travel. I flatly denied that I want to keep as it is as my address is this place; I already paid one year rent for the first place. However, when Tony brought Mr Komada home in front of me in the living, he opened his speech with hesitation, "Ya, ya, Mr Endo, I was using your room...ya, ya." After that he entered straight washroom." He didn't express any gratitude to me.
What? I was at a loss. I returned my room without words over Tony there. He did it in spite of the fact that he had been told not to. I trembled with rage feeling that I was looked down on by them. Since then I have never never opened my mouth to Tony. Some evening, Tony chased me grinning and said, "Are you all right?"
"Are you kidding on me? I told you I wouldn't allow you to re-rent my room!" He changed colour in a moment, "I didn't re-rent it. He stayed at living at first but implied your room, and I couldn't reject it." "Then why didn't you tell me about that after my return? Or, you even could ask my permission on email, could you?" If Komada didn't confess the matter, I should never be able to know the fact; this man might have been doing everything I can't know behind me. "I was thinking you are my family, I don't think you are others. So I thought you shouldn't care such a small thing." What a weird man he is! Tony and I were merely share-mates, not family. The more I got furious, the more his anger got fired.
Of course, Mr Komada stayed this apartment for free; I doubted Tony's common sense that feel sympathy to such a person as rich enough to buy immigrant status and moreover to buy a house! He should have been able to stay at a hotel paying rent; however, he used my room for free! He used to say that living alone is not bearable for him, and he usually had kept opened the door to his third floor!
I cried out, "I have privacy! Didn't you give it a thought?" He talked back, "I have no privacy. I exist for others. So should you." What he did sounds always right. This man always changes what he said on the spot upon his own convenience; I no longer can believe in him. I become to think their divorce was mainly caused by him no matter how Mei have deficiencies in act. Now I needed his honest attitude in documents, not talks.
I requested it in emails, but he tried to speak out with me again and again. While I ignored what he talked to me, he mentioned his Japanese friends would come to this apartment to stay for a while. Soon, he pressed me for a discussion knocking my room's door, and finally showed his true nature. "This is My place, My place!" His angry voice continued outside, "If you want to stay more in My place, if you want to stay more in My place," "It's Ours, Not yours," "IF YOU WANT TO STAY MORE IN MY PLACE..." After that is not able to remembered, but soon after he came to my door again, and spoke in Japanese, "Such a thing is not good thing for us living each other under a same roof, let's have a talk." What a weird man! I'm not his family. Enough's enough. Some kids must have their own way, and he was.


Meanwhile, Charlie and Peter gave me a last chance for me to stay Canada: they introduced me single ladies with a view to get married! Having shown my ad. works and career in Japan, Yilin, an esthetician, said she would introduce not only a single lady but also a job to me. Although the lady she made arrangement wasn't fond of me, Yilin offered me that she would become a role of sponsor on a paper. However, soon it appeared that she wanted money in return of giving me the status. I flatly declined, because I never have to pay for such a status with my skill and experience. They had to buy me, instead. I thought that putting a cart before the horse is very usual in Canada.
Charlie and Peter then also had a Japanese share-mate for their apartment. When I first visited their place, they guided each room for me. The guy was away at that time like I had done, but they didn't show his room as if as a matter of course. Later I knew he hadn't paid his rent during his absence; nevertheless they kept his room as he left.
During this series of mess, the arrangement with PRA person to move to the Philippines quite went well. The people I met in the Trans-Canada tour occasionally gave me emails, asking what the photo-works I did on the travel was going. I then explained my situation honestly with adding what I learnt in Canada. They, however, are not necessarily with me.
Some admitted the serious loss of identities for First Nations people these days, but some condemned them on their attitude turning from 'Share' to 'Possess.' However, it was brought by Western people to this continent. In Asia as well. What I came across at my final stage in Canada, the right of a shared apartment, was ironically just like the relationship between First Nations people and Canadian people.
Between two different values, however, whether one side is right or not is not important. Rather whether one side have kept a promise or not is important. In my final destination, the Philippines, should be more mixed-up situation in regard to 'promise' among people with its complex history as a country. Still, I want to keep promises with them to contribute and further contact with native people and things. I believe our happiness only exists in Nature, which Canada told me.


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